Linux.Pizza is now providing Matrix bridges!

Bridges! Bridges! Bridges!

Telegram <–> Matrix

In order to help people move from Telegram into matrix, has started to provide a matrix<–>telegram bridge (with more bridges coming!)

This is so all the user is not overloading the big instances like, and and to promote diversity and decentralization. I was a very happy user of the FENEAS matrix-telegram bridge for many month. They provide a great service and the developer of the bridging software is actually managing that particular bridge.

The bridging software we are using the the mautrix-telegram one. It has been up and running for some weeks now for testing and we are satisfied with the result!

How do I use the bridge?

Glad you asked!

There is different ways to get started, depending on what kind of bridge you want.

Bridging one Telegram channel into matrix

  1. Invite @LinuxPizzaBridgeBot into your telegram room
  2. Get the roomID by sending /idin the same room, you should have gotten something like -6276254561. Write that down
  3. In Matrix room you want to bridge, invite and give it permission to add users.
  4. Write !tg bridge [ROOMIDFROMTELEGRAM] (-6276254561), followed by tg continuewhen asked.
  5. The room is now bridged!

You can unbridge it anytime by issuing !tg unbridgeon the matrix-side.

Bridging your whole Telegram account

Bridging your whole account will give every user (including yourself) a seamless experience – telegram-users will not know that you are bridged, and you will get all the chats over to your own matrix-account.

  1. Start a private chat with
  2. Issue the command !tg login, follow the instructions given and you should be bridged in no time!
  3. If you want to log out, just issue !tg logout.

I hope you can find this useful! The bridging software has much more functionalities ready like two-way Read Reciept and typing notifications. The bridge that Linux.Pizza is providing will only offer the two functions that is described above.

We are also working on getting more bridges online like xmpp<–>matrix. Keep an eye on this blog (or follow on fediverse)!

If you have any questions, be sure to check out our matrix-channel or just join

Happy chatting!