A relative small event that defined my life

It is almost 18 years since I first came in contact with Linux, and I did not know at all what kind of journey it would take me on.

I was 9 years old at the time, when me and my brother got our first PC. It was an Fujitsu-Siemens with 128MB of RAM, Pentium II 233 MHZ and a HDD with amazing 8GB space. SuSE 7.0 was installed on that machine and we loved it. Although at the time, we only used Linux so we can brag to our friends that “we didn't use Windows”. That part kind of failed because our friends did'nt even know what Windows was and my brother and I thought that was absurd that our friends was so “informed about something so essential in life”.

At school, I loved to just “click around” and find stuff. Schools in the 90's/early 2000 did not consider “security” as something prioritized = more fun for us kids.

Today, I mainly work with Linux and basically almost every hobby that I have has something to do with Linux.

It is amazing how such a small event as getting a PC with Linux could alter the course of my life.