Boring but necessary

And stickers

I am not a person that is good at wrapping messages up in nice words and persuasive language, especially when it comes to something about money (I would never be a good salesperson). But we want to be transparent with out stuff and what we do, so that require us to write about it too. I hate begging for $, and would much rather finance everything from my own pocket but that is not really possible and would also not be that good for our users.

Running Linux.Pizza is not free – infact it costs several hundreds of dollar every year (close to $1000/year) not including the time we spend on maintenance and support. (A breakdown of the cost is further down)

Also, Linux.Pizza would really love to add new services and functionality to its portfolio, but due to limited economical resources we are not really able to make that a priority – but with your help we can change that!

LinuxPizza got donations worth $200 during 2019 and it covered the cost of operations for 2.5 month – we are extremely thankful for the generosity of our users!

So today, we are launching a small campaign to encourage everyone who have the means and want to donate to just that. And as a small thank you, we will ship you a couple of sticker that you can stick anywhere you want! For example: your laptop, your car or parents car or your stickerwall (everyone has one right?).

So in order to keep it realistic, everyone that donates atleast $10 is eligible for a small “sticker-pack” as shown in the pictures. Just let us know to whom we should ship the stickers to after the donation is made! If you have the means and will – head over to the liberapay-page or paypal-page. If you are a Brave user, you can always send a tip :) Send us an email when you have sent at donation with your email and address.

100% of the donations will go back to the Linux.Pizza project and nothing else.

Linux.Pizza Stickers! NOTE: You will receive a couple of stickers from each pile stickers!

Breakdown of the cost per year

  1. – $36
  2. – $12
  1. DNS (this includes FreeDNS environment – $144
  2. Pixelfed instance – $60
  3. Mastodon instance – $240
  4. Temporary email service – $110
  5. Power consumption and Internet connection – $150
  6. Mirror for various distros and software –$300
    • Most of the cost is sponsored by operationtulip)
  7. CDN for the Mastodon instance – $20

Some of the stuff that we would like to get started with:

  1. Nextcloud
    • This would require us to get more storage like harddrives or SSD's.
  2. Email service
    • Technically, we could rent a cheap VPS at some provider at get started. But that would certainly be hard due to the fact that GAFAM is marking mail as spam unless they come from a clean network. And cleaner networks/ISPs tend to cost more.
  3. Peertube?
    • We have gotten the question a couple of times, but we are unsure how it would fit into Linux.Pizzas services. This would require more storage anyway.