Changing bus-type on a Nutanix AHV Virtual Machine

In some cases – especielly with older systems – you might not be able to run your VM with a SCSI-drive since the drivers is missing from the system.

This was the case for me when I wanted to move a older VM (Debian 5) into Nutanix AHV from ESXi.

In order to mitigate this, you have to change the bus-type of the drive from SCSI to IDE or PCI:

Login to you CVM via SSH, and execute the following

acli vm.get NameOfTheVM

You will see some output similar to the following:

NameOfTheVM {
  can_clear_removed_from_host_uuid: True
  config {
    affinity {

  host_uuid: "d17a25a0-6a8a-4b30-993d-323f824eb383"
  logical_timestamp: 83
  state: "kOn"
  uuid: "5ea5288b-d3fb-40d9-83ce-9356db75129b"

Look for disk list and vmdisk_uuid: similar to the following:

    disk_list {
      addr {
        bus: "scsi"
        index: 0
      container_id: 1416
      container_uuid: "f20a220c-f237-43eb-9465-200f17a3306e"
      device_uuid: "53d01e6b-43bf-41dd-a8c5-c82cd3f673cb"
      naa_id: "naa.6506b8d135b478f0803c4c2944a37187"
      source_nfs_path: "/ntnx01-container01/xtract-vm//349a1ace-f328-40df-867e-6                                                                c7f0d46ac7f/500a3a5a-741b-6de2-7ca3-4927a3c621e1/2000_NameOfTheVM.vmdk"
      vmdisk_size: 107374182400
      vmdisk_uuid: "315bb83c-7629-401a-a522-b350a3387dca"

The procedure here is simple, we will just create a new disk as a clone of an existing disk, using the vmdisk_uuid:

acli vm.disk_create NameOFTheVM clone_from_vmdisk=01f68633-06ab-4fe7-b819-90fec3e8d08a bus=pci

This create and attaches a disk to the VM NameOfTheVM, change the UUID to the one you have. To create a disk with the bus ide, change pci to ide.