Pickled Jalapenos

I am a fan of jalapeños and chilies in general, and this year I had some luck with the weather so my only jalapeñoplant did pretty well. So today, where are going to pickle the jalapeños.

freshly picked jalapenos

What you will need

The procedure

I decided to slice the jalapeños together with three quite big cloves of garlic: Sliced Jalapeños

Then, mix water, vinegar, salt and sugar into a pot. Let the sugar and salt dissolve and wait until the mix starts to boil a little.

a soon boiling pot

Then, just add the jalapeños and garlic. Let it putter for 5 minutes. Jalapeños and garlic in a pot

Lastly, put it into your glass-container of choice! Jalapeños and garlic in a container

This should last a couple of month, and serves well with taco, pizza or if you are like me – on EVERYTHING!

Done and easy! Everyone can do this, and it works with almost anything. I also did this with unriped tomatoes, and it tasted very good too! Tomatoes, unriped