Some thoughts about the services Linux.Pizza offers

And the possible future it has

The TL;RD of this post is: – Linux.Pizza will not actively deploy new services – Linux.Pizza are going to discontinue some services within 12 month (from this post have been made) – Linux.Pizza will focus on Mastodon, Mirroring distros and DNS.

You might wonder why, if so – please continue to read.

The short version is – I have realized that I am not able to deliver quality services anymore. And this is due to lack of time, funding and increased stress at my main job.

And the longer version: One year ago, I was “forced” to change job in order to make things work with my family – kids started school and wife returned to studies. I could'nt work 40 minutes from home anymore and needed something more closer to home.

So I switched, even if I hated the fact that I had to.

Anyway, the new job is great! And as the only Systems Administrator I am responsible for everything IT and I have alot of freedom when it comes to the software stack the company will use and so on. I recently deployed Nextcloud and Matrix which has been great!

Family takes more time

My kids are getting bigger, and I have decided to spend more time with them instead of in front of the PC. I have actually realized that I can't miss the time that I have with my family, so I have to prioritize while I can.

Work takes alot of time aswell

My new role and the new job that I got has brought a lot of “unwanted” responsibilities – I tend to take stuff way to personal when it comes to IT stuff where I work. If something goes wrong – I blame myself very much. And that needs to stop aswell.

Linux.Pizza is not going to dissappear

While Linux.Pizza is down-scaling – it will not dissappear! The social aspect of mastodon has been very good and important for me atleast – I see it as a “premium social network”. It costs some money every month but I think it is worth it actually since I have gotten to know many good people from different cultures, geographic locations, religions and political backgrounds and that has been very refreshing! is also going to be a thing – it is a official mirror for many distros and shutting down that would be very irresponsible.

FreeDNS is also going to stay active aswell.

So in short – Linux.Pizza will offer some service, but only those that I want and I will not wake up in the middle of the night anymore to fix broken services as I have used to the past years.

“It it ain't fun – don't do it!” – Someone on Mastodon

I hope that you understand, and if you are in need of other services similar to those Linux.Pizza has offered – please check out The Librehosters Network.