One year ago, was launched. The domain was initially bought with the intend to launch a website similar to the old and famous “” – which was the place where people downloaded their games to their Linux machines. It was sadly closed in 2013.

Shortly after was launched, the idea came to mind – what about not stopping with mastodon and start provide other free services?. And thus, was born.

linuxpizza logo logo was crafted toghether by my wife

Our vision is as follows: We aim to provide an even more complete suite for that will help people leave Google, Microsoft or [INSERT LARGE CORP HERE] and get a more control, more freedom and more trust in their online experience and life.

The Fediverse has become something central in what we believe in, it is the key to the a more trusted web. Therefore will publish news and updates regarding LinuxPizza, occasional blog post that will motivate people over from established social network and taking